Alberto's early and late years have been as smooth as a square wheel. After studying graphic design and realizing years later that illustration was his true passion, he decided to embark on a new journey and never looked back again.

His interest about art, video games and self-improvement has been a huge motivation in his life, being nature and everyday life some of the main sources of inspiration, providing him with enough content to explore and lessons to keep learning from. He devoted himself to the comprehention of colour and light and since then he has had many sleepless nights. Nevertheless, he considers himself a person who has been fortunate enough to spend time improving his craft and doing what he loves the most.

Based on a serie of super weird eventualities, he has worked on multiple personal projects, professional projects, secret projects, failed projects and on some “stand by” projects he expects to revisit in the future, though all of them where made with the same level of passion he has for salty and creamy things. Even though his clients tend to hire him either as concept artist, instructor, character designer or illustrator, his favorite role is simply being an artist.

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