Alberto obtained a degree in Graphic Design on 2005. Though, his true destiny was waiting for him years later, when he decided to pursue his dream as a concept artist. Lead by his passion for art and video games, he has discovered a realm where dreams converge with imagination and fantasy takes place in his mind.
He defines himself a man of multiple hats, a person who believes that discipline, commitment and observation are some of the core values which have influenced him to improve on his traditional and digital art, encouraging him to explore new paths beyond illustration.
On 2014 he followed his inner voice, accepting the challenge to develop his own video game, Flick Goals. Venturing as a programmer for the very first time, it has been an enjoyable way to expand his knowledge through countless enriching experiences found within the code.
He currently works as a full time freelance artist at his home studio, where he spends most of his time battling imaginary creatures, and being surrounded by dreamlike landscapes of fantastical worlds. He enjoys nature, reading books and his watercolor set.